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Vintage set of 6 reusable pinched edges round lacquered woven raffia party plates

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Another great set of plates to use time and time again. This set of 6 has a great design twist with the pinched look on the edges of what other wise would be a round plate. Very good vintage condition, no unraveling of the weaved materials, just a small amount of wear showing, the lacquered finish is still in good condition throughout- care would involve warm soaked towel to wipe down after use and air dry.

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This set was popular item for any summer party where you could "hide" the paper plate within the raffia server making for a much prettier and sturdier way to enjoy party fare...I think a beautiful modern and eco friendly take would be washing and drying some banana leaves and cutting them to fit the raffia plates therefore having a compostable liner- simple-effective-good to Nature.

Dimensions do vary between the ranges listed bellow:
Width: 1 plate is 9" W; 3 plates are 9.5"W; 1 plate is 10"W ; 1 plate is 10.5" W
Height: 1.5"- 2" in height