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Small DIY teardrop glass terrarium kit


This teardrop shaped glass terrarium comes with gorgeous preserved Eucalyptus, quartz rock in the raw and a Tillandsia Stricta. Simply display on a desk, book shelf or suspend in the air. Kit includes 1 glass bulb.

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terrarium teardrop kit air plant $38 3.jpg

Additional Info

Each glass ornament is unique but I do work in either contrasting color schemes (as pictured) or in monotone colors ( e.g. white, blue, grey, etc) The air plant are carefully selected to fit in the environment and the tear drop is filled with sand, grains, and preserved floral materials. This arrangement lets you experiment with adding and subtracting elements to the glass teardrop terrarium and enjoying the air plant as it is tucked into the ornament, or on its own if you wish....Air plants maintenance is as easy as placing them somewhere bright and misting them with water every other day!