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Handmade aqua-purple cocoon with two air plants


Two air plants (types based upon availability) pre-bloom tucked into a cuddly felted merino wool cocoon in shades of aqua blue exterior and purple interior. This cocoon is an ideal environment for your air plant specimens, letting enough day light, keeping moisture levels under control, and providing a cheery home for your plants no matter where you decide to display them.

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Additional Info

This brightly colored wool cocoon has approximate dimensions:
Cocoon dimensions:
Height: 4"
Width: 3"
Opening: 3"
Small top opening: .5"

Each cocoon is handmade and hand shaped by me from all natural merino wool raw fibers that after felting become these organic shapes- the beauty in creating these is letting each shape evolve from the process without forcing and constraining it, they are pliable, soft and organic. This bright color scheme will eventually compliment the colors of the blooms that most air plants produce.

Care instructions for your air plants are included with your purchase.