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Vintage Tall Texan Facts Tom Collins drink glass


This is a listing for a single Tall Texan glass (there are 6 total for purchase). Awesome collectable glass for any vintage barware aficionado or Texan!
Each glass features a classic "Tall Texan" on one side, a cartoon drawing showing a cowboy standing on a rattlesnake, wearing a 10-gallon hat, holding a cigar in one hand and drawing his pistol with the other. The reverse side has a few Texas facts:
Capitol - Austin
Flower - Bluebonnet
Bird - Mockingbird
Weather - Only fools and strangers predict weather in Texas
The logos are nice and intact in solid black and the glasses are in excellent condition with no chips or cracks.
6 1/2 inches tall and 2 3/4 inches in diameter

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