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Why I heart my cast iron skillet and why you should find one to heart too...

Ode to THE skillet

10" round x 2" deep cast iron

1. Utilitarian indestructible beauty of cooking potential. 

2. Cheap to own- if you are unlucky you will have to buy brand new, if you keep an eye out you may score a beautiful used one for next to nada at garage/estate sales.

3. Appropriate for indoor and outdoor cooking adventures- pack it on your next camping trip it will be worth the haul!

4.  You could grill in the skillet- fish or veggies are a personal favorite. 

5. You could fry with it- enough said.

6. You could broil/bake- everything bakes better in the skillet, best example ever: corn bread or broiled aged rib eye. 

7.  Self-defense gadget- I am not paranoid but it is a hefty piece of equipment, and I don't play softball. 

8. Heirloom piece- because of it's durability a well seasoned skillet will outlast generations, and talk about the essence of family traditions being past down with such beauty. 

9.  Easy to clean, no soap method- to keep well seasoned, wash with hot water and a brush (metal scour pad if heavily soiled)  Always  removing all food debris and excess oil, then throughly drying the skillet surfaces on the stove, and wiping dry before storage. 

10. Good ol' cast iron- not aluminum, not teflon, not glazed, not tempered, not polished, not anodized anything leaving me wondering what may be leaking in my food....

11. Superior heat distribution/retention- if you want crust on anything you cook you just have to give the skillet a go! 

12. Goes from cooking--->serving looking sharp and homey, all while keeping your grub hot :)



Yes, New Year for me meant... maybe, I finally start that food blog thing I have been twirling with in my head.  This is going to be an adventure, one I hope you join and contribute along the way for, as I strive to explore, learn and experiment with various 

For those of you who personally know me, you know my relationship with food and how emotional I could get about it all. I have always equated food with love. The comfort and happiness that a home cook meal delivers, goes beyond nourishment of the body, it certainly nourishes our souls. But all that is perhaps for another time...Wanting to jump right into a post instead of the personal fluff.


New Year is about making amends, wanting to simplify and improve on the old...Well, this is not a post about the latest cooking gadget you must have, but it is about simplifying and improving. 

On my stove the most frequent visitors are a 6 year old 10" cast iron skillet from Lodge, and an enameled 6qt Dutch oven.  My self professed love for a good ol' cast iron skillet has been ongoing, and If you don't own one yet, I sure hope you consider it a good new year investment after this.

 Why you may ask?

I love the consistency of results, no matter the cooking preparation. The ease of clean up, especially if using for 1-pot-meals makes me happy. The golden "crispy edges" thing- works on everything you ever attempt of making in cast iron. And if you have never rendered bacon in one of these, and then turned around and made biscuits and gravy with the drippings, stop, and consider that for your next food adventure, because it's truly worth singing songs about! 

Honoring old cooking methods, utensils and traditions is not a burden. There has been a lot of "testing" and perfecting that the generations before us have done. I honor  that time and experiences, and so far I have only gained from that approach. 

I would love to hear about your experiences with cast iron, and any secrets and suggestions you may want to share!